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Posted by admin Comments Off on A MAD LATE DATE

Actors Father, Mother, Daughter (Christy), Son (Donald) Equipment The setting is the breakfast table. Everyone except Christy is seated. Father is reading the paper, Mother is pouring coffee, and Donald is toying with his cereal. Christy hasn’t come in yet. Action Mother: Quit playing with your food, Donald. You’ll be late for school. Father: I’ll have some more coffee, dear. Donald: Speaking of being late, what about Christy last night? Man, if I came in that late, I’d be flogged more ===>

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Actors Mikus Wallacius, Caiaphas, Petronius, Galenius, Mary Magdalene, James Action Wallacius: Good evening and welcome to LX Minutes. I am Mikus Wallacius and we are here at the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Judea—the focal point of some very unusual happenings in the Roman Empire. This is where the body of Jesus of Nazareth was interred after his crucifixion. At the urging of the Jewish high priest and the Pharisees, the religious ruling class of the Jews, Pontius more ===>

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Actors For a unique understanding of the apostle Paul, have someone dressed as Paul’s “Mama” read the following “letters” to the group. “Mama” should act and talk like a traditional Jewish lady about the time of Christ and introduce the letters before she reads them. Action Dear Mama: Peace from the God of our Fathers, from your distant son, Saul. Well, Mama, I arrived safely. The ship sailed smoothly out to Cyprus, and we pulled in at Salamis around midday. I had plenty of time more ===>

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Posted by admin Comments Off on LANEY LOOKS AT THE CHRISTMAS STORY

Actors A lady (Mrs. Hansen), a little girl (Laney Joy), and a man’s voice offstage for the father. Equipment For best results, the lines should be memorized. The set can be a makeshift living room with a front door and perhaps a couch and some other simple furnishings. Costumes The girl can be someone dressed like a little girl and acting like one. Action Laney: (singing) Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head. The stars in the sky looked more ===>

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Posted by admin Comments Off on JOHN THE READY

Actors Narrator John, A Questioner, Tax Collector, Soldier, Priest 1, Priest 2 Action Narrator: There was a man who was sent from God named John. John: I am John. Narrator: John was the Light. John: That’s what some people thought, but I only came to show the light. Narrator: Sorry about that, John. Anyway John baptized many people to get them ready for the coming of the Light. Therefore, people called him John the Ready. That’s John the Baptist. John: That’s John the Baptist Narrator: more ===>

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